Top Tips for DOT Sidewalk Violation NYC During COVID-19

For the most part, a landowner gets a violation when the DOT visits a property and finds the sidewalk is defective and perilous. It’s an admonition that empowers property/mortgage holders to fix their sidewalk. In the event that you choose to do nothing, the DOT may play out the work themselves or hire a sidewalk violation removal contractor to make the vital repairs. This route is the costliest as they will charge you a higher rate to play out these repairs.  

In the event that you can’t pay for everything, they will charge you intrigue and put a lien on your property. “The landowner has 90 days to take care of the tab before interest is included. Following 90 days, interest will collect and a financial lien will be set against the property.” – NYC DOT It’s consistently less expensive and quicker to hire a contractor all alone to make the repairs. 

Top tips if you received a DOT sidewalk violation in NYC 

  • If you simply got a violation notice, you can accept a second to inhale as you have 45 days from that day to make the vital repairs. 
  • Review the notification and see what precisely should be repaired. Now and again it’s a simple and quick fix as the DOT may just locate a little segment of your sidewalk damaged. There will be an outline that shows the sidewalk and which flags(boxes) should be repaired.
  • At the highest point of the outline page, there will be a rough area of repair work that should be finished. Utilize this # and the direct feet of check if necessary to be repaired also.
  • If you need to know whether you’re getting a good value, the notification will incorporate roughly the amount DOT will charge per square foot in the event that you don’t hire a contractor.
    • If you have 300 square feet that should be repaired and the violation notice says it will cost approximately $20/per sq ft for them to repair, the complete would be $6,000.00. Compare this number and what a sidewalk violation removal NYC contractor would charge you.  
    • If a sidewalk repair contractor is charging not as much as that, at that point, you realize it is sensible. In the event that a contractor needs to charge more, you ought to presumably call another organization or 2 to contrast pricing. 
  • Generally, it’s a lot simpler for sidewalk repair to give one of our clients an estimate to repair a sidewalk if a duplicate of the violation is sent for our survey. We’ll investigate the violation and give you a speedy estimate inside hours. Except if it’s an enormous activity, we don’t have to truly come out as this will make for a quicker procedure.  

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