Sidewalk Violation Removal

Sidewalk Violation Removal

In New York City, there are different kinds of vehicles on the roads. Roads without sidewalks are more likely to have pedestrian crashes. Sidewalks provide different benefits like safety and healthier communities. Walkways provide a comfortable way for pedestrians and drivers. Sidewalks are necessary to improve the flow and safety of traffic. As many people are killed in the world due to different accidents. A better road and street design with comfortable walkways reduce the risk of accidents and other uncomfortable incidents. Walkways and sidewalks build a sense of community. Furthermore, roads with beautiful walkways and sidewalks improve the city’s identity and brand. A walkway adjacent to your property in New York City can increase the worth and value of your property. Walkways and sidewalks are simple, easy to maintain and easy to install.

According to the rules of New York City, it is the responsibility of property owners to repair and maintain sidewalks adjacent to their property. As a property owner, it is your duty to install, construct or repair sidewalks at your own cost. It is also important to make sure that sidewalks along your property are neat and clean. In case of violation, you may get a sidewalk violation notice from the DOT. There are many reasons due to which you may get a sidewalk violation notice from authorities. There are many things in New York City that can have a severe impact on your property and sidewalks. It is necessary to hire professionals for the maintenance and repairing of sidewalks to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Violation codes and types

Following are some main types of sidewalk violations with relate code

  • EIT– elevator safety test
  • ES– electric sign
  • NRF– no report filed
  • MDV– Multiple Dwelling Violation
  • VH– work without a permit
  • UB– unsafe building violation
  • ZB– zoning violation
  • VCLOS– order of closure

We should follow the rules and regulations to avoid violation notice.

Common causes of sidewalk violations in NYC

There are many factors that can cause damage to a sidewalk and can quickly lead to a sidewalk violation notice. The following are some main causes of sidewalk violations.

Collapsed sidewalks

It is very important to use good quality construction material during the installation of sidewalks for strength and durability. Sidewalks with low-quality material may collapse very soon. There are also many other reasons that can cause your sidewalks to collapse. For example, your sidewalks collapse due to the weight of heavy machinery or environmental factors like heat, snow or earthquakes, etc. so, it is very important to repair your damaged sidewalks as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may get a violation notification from authorities

Missing or defective curbs

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain sidewalks and curbs adjacent to his property. There are many factors that may create a defect in curbs or sidewalks along with your property. In New York City, owners are encouraged to repair missing or defective curbs. DOT is responsible to make sure public safety throughout New York City. You may contact a well-reputed construction company in your city for repairing and maintenance of defective curbs. In this way, you can save time and money. We are experts in sidewalks and curbs installation and repairing. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to serve you. If your sidewalks get damaged due to roots, DPR will repair your sidewalks free of cost.

Tree roots

It is a good idea to have different kinds of trees and plants in your property to increase the natural beauty of your property. But, the roots of trees in your property may cause damage to sidewalks and curbs adjacent to your property.  You cannot cut or shave the roots without the permission of relevant authorities. It is necessary to contact the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to cut and shave the root. So, if you have any kind of trees and plants in your property, it is necessary to maintain them on a regular basis.

How to fix it

A sidewalk violation in New York City is a notice issued by DOT explaining that your sidewalk is defective or needs maintenance. We know you are a busy person and you cannot do it by yourself. We are experts in New York City to help local communities. We have completed many projects in New York City without any kind of violation. We have all kinds of permits and other necessary construction and paving documents. So, if you have received any kind of violation in NYC, call our professionals and expert. We have a separate team of experts to handle any kind of violation in NYC. We can solve your problem in a very short period of time.