DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for repairing and maintenance of roads, streets, sidewalks, walkways, and bridges, etc. It is a department of Government in New York City. It is also responsible to install and maintain traffic signals and street lights in New York City. Department of Transportation is also responsible for parking areas in New York City and surroundings. The main purpose of this department is to make sure the good structure of all buildings and roads in NYC. Furthermore, DOT also plays a vital role in the safety of the local community.

As transport plays a vital role in the economy of a country. It is the duty of the Department of Transportation to provide safe and efficient movement of people and drivers in New York City. This department improves traffic mobility and tries to reduce the chances of accidents. As every year, many people died in road accidents in the world. This department is responsible to maintain the city’s infrastructure, including streets, walkways, and highways. Furthermore, this department inspects sidewalks, highways, walkways, and bridges, etc. If the department found any damaged sidewalk or walkway in your property, you may get a violation notice from the department. In case of a violation notice, you cannot refinance or sell your property in New York City. Therefore it is necessary to follow rules and regulations of DOT and other responsible agencies of the city before starting any kind of construction project in New York City.

How to avoid sidewalk violation in NYC

In New York City, sidewalk violation is an official notice that is issued by the Department of Transportation. It may be issued due to damaged sidewalks, defective curbs or other problems. In case of the violation notice, it is necessary to repair sidewalks and curbs in the given time. Otherwise, DOT may hire a team of professionals to complete the task and you will have to pay the bill. As it is a matter of public safety and it is necessary to make sure that your sidewalks are in good condition. If we follow rules and regulations of DOT during any kind of construction project, we can easily avoid any kind of sidewalk violation in NYC.

Keep your sidewalks clean

Sidewalks and walkways are the major parts of a property and play a vital role to enhance the value of a property. Sidewalks with natural stones and curbs can create a beautiful scene in your property. It is necessary to clean and maintain sidewalks on a regular basis for strength and security purposes as well. as it is common in New York City, there are different kinds of chemicals, dirt, and salts that can damage sidewalks adjacent to your property. Regular maintenance is necessary to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Furthermore, if you are living in cold areas of New York City, it is necessary to remove snow and ice from your sidewalks on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may get a violation notice from the Department of Transportation. So, make sure to clean sidewalks on a regular basis.

Keep your concrete work sealed

It is common practice that professionals always installed sealant over the surface of concrete sidewalks for strength and durability. It provides good protection against fire, snow, and water, etc. regular maintenance and repairing are necessary to avoid any kind of damages and cracks. But with the passage of time, the sealant gets damaged and needs to be reapplied. You may ask a professional contractor in New York City for this. By keeping sidewalks sealed throughout the years, we can avoid the damage that leads to DOT sidewalk violations.

DOT violation codes and rules

DOT has some rules and regulations to improve the flow of traffic in New York City. Following are some main violation codes.

  • 23– Parking is not allowed
  • 24– Authorized vehicles only
  • 28- Overtime standing
  • 84– Parking a commercial automobile on any city street
  • 96– Parking within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing
  • 99– Other parking or stopping violations

We should follow the rules of DOB to avoid any kind of trouble.

What to do in case of the violation notice

If you received a violation, it is highly important to hire an experienced contractor to repair your sidewalks and curbs. It is necessary to choose a specialist in the field. We are experts in sidewalk violation removal in New York City. We will prepare all the necessary documents on your behalf to save your time and money. We are a trusted construction company in NYC with the completion of many successful projects without any kind of sidewalk violation. You can contact us at any time to hire our team of professionals.