Curb is a short wall or edge installed at the sides of the pavement and it acts as a barrier between a street or other roadway. Curbs are necessary for the beauty and durability of the sidewalks. Curbs play a very important role to transport water to storm drainage outlets. They provide strong structural support to the edge of the pavement. The main feature of curbs is, they do not allow water to enter the yard during winter seasons. Furthermore, curbs are costly and therefore rarely found in rural areas. In big cities, curbs also used along sidewalks of roads. Strong and beautiful curbs may increase the worth, value and beauty of your property. There are many types and shapes of curbs available in the market. Curbs are constructed of different types of materials, like asphalt or concrete.

In daily routine life, people don’t notice or pay attention to curbs and their functions. In winter seasons, sidewalks and curbs get damaged due to unnecessary amounts of water. At that moment, it is necessary to repair and maintain sidewalks and curbs in your property. For this purpose, you should hire a right and qualified person. We are working in this field for many decades. With the latest machinery and professional staff, we have completed more than 500 projects before the deadline in New York City. We never compromise on the quality of our services in construction and pavement. We know about the types of curbs and how to use the curbs according to the condition. Every type of curbs has its own quality and values. The following are some main and most commonly used types of curbs.

Mower curbs

Being human, we always love nature like trees, grass, and other plants. We love to have a little garden in our home with some fresh flowers. Mower curbs are mostly used in flowerbed areas in the homes. Due to the unique and charming look of mower curbs, many people prefer them to use in their green zones for sturdy and reliable between walkways and flowers. Furthermore, if you don’t install mower curbs around your flower beds, you can cut some flowers unintentionally. A cement mow curb provides security to beautiful flowers. There are many colors of mower curb available in the market, you can choose according to your nature.

Slanted Curbs

These types of curbs are decorative and charming. They are mostly used on the roads to enhance the appearance of the surroundings. These are helpful for pedestrian walkways. Slanted curbs also used in commercial areas to create a beautiful impact in a particular area.  They are also known as rod curbs. These types of curbs are available in the market with different colors, shapes, and sizes. Due to unique appearance, the use of slanted curbs is most common on the roads.

Straight Curbs

These are the most common types of curbs, and they are used to create a barrier between vehicles and parking spaces. Straight curbs play a vital role in a good flow of traffic on different roads. They are usually made of cement concrete or asphalt and are durable than other types of curbs.

Monolithic Curbs

These curbs are mostly used on the roads for larger traffic and vehicles. They are fused together with the road to creating a smooth and simple path for heavy vehicles. They are also known as integral curbs. They create a very smooth transition into the road and plays a vital role in the flow of traffic in populated areas of the city. The main feature of monolithic curb Is, it reduces the damage to the internal structure of concrete or asphalt.

Rolling Curbs

As professionals, we know that most curbs in the USA have a flatter design to allow a vehicle to easily drive over them. They are also known as mountable curbs. The main feature of rolling curbs is, they are softer and more rolled than barrier curbs. These types of curbs are not ideal for vehicles. Constant driving over rolling curbs can damage some parts of your vehicle. Rolling curbs are preferred in developing areas mostly.


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