Bluestone Curb

Bluestone curb

A road curb is an edge where a raised sidewalk meets a street. The use of road curbs was started in the 18th century to create an aesthetic appeal and for safety on the roads. With the passage of time, city planners start to construct curbs and sidewalks to manage traffic flow in populated areas. Before the concept of curbs, small wooden bollards were used on the roads for safety purposes. But now in these days, curbs became a vital component for construction companies in almost all over the world.

The straight and neat lines of curbs enhance the attraction of parking lots and streets of a city. There are many types of curbs, like bluestone curbs, concrete curbs, and steel curbs. If we talk about bluestone, it is a natural stone with great shine and durability. Therefore many construction companies in New York City prefer bluestone sidewalks with bluestone curbs. It provides several benefits and a better-finished project.

Curbs play a vital role in the flow of traffic in populated areas of a city. They enable the separation of the road for vehicles and walkers. It provides a proper guideline to drivers and pedestrians. From a technical point of view, curbs provide strength and support to the paving edge of a road. Furthermore, curbs help to direct the flow of water in rainy seasons. Due to the natural beauty and strength of bluestone, all the famous paving companies use bluestone in sidewalks and curbs. Bluestone is a strong material and mostly preferred because of its strength, durability and good look. This natural stone is a common choice for many construction projects in the city. There are also many other reasons that you should opt for bluestone when it comes to creating a curb or a sidewalk in your property. Bluestones have many colors and shapes with natural shine and strength.

Unique features of bluestone curbs

Bluestone curbs are very important to prevent the decay of roads and streets. They provide great strength and compaction during the construction of a road. Being professional, we know it very well, there are many types of curbs classified on the basis of material, height, and shape. Curbs may contain different materials like stones, asphalt, cement or concrete. Paving companies use paving material according to the functions and needs of a curb. Similarly, the construction method also varies according to the material used for curbs. Bluestone curbs are easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, no extra machines are required to deal with bluestone curbs. Due to its versatile nature and shining look, many contractors always prefer the use of bluestones in sidewalks and other paving projects. Bluestone has many unique qualities and features. The following are some main features of a bluestone curb.

  • Add stability to the pavement
  • Minimize deflection of the pavement
  • Create a proper flow of water
  • Less time consuming
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Strong and affordable
  • Can be used in housing and commercial areas
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is versatile
  • Improve visibility for drives at night
  • Enhance the worth of your property
  • Good for indoor and outdoor projects

Professional team for repairing and installation of bluestone curbs

As we all know, there are different rules for sidewalks and curbs in different states of the USA. Each state has its own laws about ownership and repairing of sidewalks and curbs. In most states of the USA, property owners are responsible to maintain and repair sidewalks in their property. The use of bluestone is very common in the residential and commercial areas due to its durability and natural look. Furthermore, it is easy to install and maintain. You can also use steel or concrete curbs according to your requirements.

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